Course Name: Science 9 - 2018
Description and Overview of Course Outcomes
As with science curriculum at other grades, this consists of three units: one Life science, one Earth and Space science, and one Weather & Electricity unit. It is intended to help students prepare for selecting optional science courses at high school.
Topic 1: Cell Growth and Reproduction Text - Science 9 Pages: 138-171
Summary - an understanding of the fact that all living things undergo cell division and that cell division is essential for the perpetuation of life.
Topic 2: A Closer Look at Cell Division Text - Science 9: pg. 174-197
Summary – Understanding that the way a cell functions and divides is determined by genetic information contained in its nucleus.
Topic 3: Sexual Reproduction and the Diversity of Life Text - Science 9: pg. 200-226
Summary -Recognizing that sexual reproduction creates diversity within a species.
Topic 4: Zygotes and Development Text - Science 9: pg. 230-255
Summary – Learning that different organisms use very different strategies to ensure the survival of their offspring.
Topic 5: The Solar System Text - Science 9: pg. 398-433
Summary – Describing the planets and celestial bodies that exist in our solar system.
Topic 6: The Nature of the Universe Text - Science 9: pg. 436-483
Summary – Understanding the history and current conditions found within our universe.
Topic 7: Space Research and Exploration Text - Science 9: pg. 486-511
Summary – Looking at Space exploration and the related technology that has contributed to our understanding of the universe.
Topic 8: Weather Text - Science 10: pg. 500-652
Summary - will be studying the different aspects of extreme weather. Will look at global weather and extreme weather events along with static electricity.
Quizzes 75%
Final Exam – 25%

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