May 8 - 11

End of unit notes / topics

Space review
Begin reviewing and studying all notes and quizzes for the space unit.
Satellite tracker site
April 30 - May 3
Quiz 2 Tuesday May 1- Planets vs Stars, Types / qualities of stars, Life Cycle of a star, Diagram of a star, Rotation / revolution / changing seasons / day and night
Big Bang Theory

April 23-27
Half day April 25

Practice Quizes completed in class and are found on the neok12 web site 575757

Site is up to date and ready to help people study for the up coming quiz.
April 16-20
Solar System work sheet

Quiz Wednesday works sheet and scale diagram due.
April 9-13
Solar System
Scale Diagram activity in class
Work Sheet to fill out

Text book
Site is up to date with Solar Systey resoucres/quizzes and terms... 575757 password.
NEOK12 web site
April 3-6
Unit Test marks are back. Should make corrections and save all Quizzes and the Unit test to study for the exam.
Space Unit check list

March 26-28
Report Card go home today
Parent teacher Wednesday Night at 6 and Thursday am.
End of Unit notes

Reproduction Unit Test Wednesday March 28,

March 19 - 23
Sexual Reproduction

Quiz on Cloning and Sexual Reproduction Tuesday March 20

Scientific Drawing of the stages of Meiosis
Male and Female Reproductive Systems and Atypical Meiosis

March 12-16
Cancer Project and presentation complete
Quizzes and assignment passed back marks should be up to date.

Home work questions
1. About cloning, About Cloning your pet dawg, 3. Who is Stephen Hawking?

Feb 26 - Mar 2
DNA Mutations and Cancer

DNA video
DNA scientific diagram

Quiz on DNA and Mutations - THURSDAY
Friday Cancer project work
Feb 20-23
Practice quiz - not for marks
Cell Cycle
Importance of cell division and sharing genetic information

Asexual reproduction

February 5-9
Scientific Drawings
List of organelles and their functions

Cell factory worksheet - completed in class

Excellent video resources for content. NOE12 Web site
Guest log in password - 575757

Quiz on Thursday...
January 31- February 2

Daily Class Work and Notes for Mr. Young Grade 9 Science 2018
Visit the web site and open the power point for the Reproduction Unit
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